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Monday, February 6, 2012

Bombing Iran

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak may be preparing for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, perhaps as early as this spring. 

Netanyahu and Barak
Want to bomb Iran this year
Because they’ll make a nuke they fear
That soon no one can block.

If they unleash upon Iran
A devastating bomb attack
Iran will surely answer back
And Israeli towns will fire on.

Hamas and Hizbullah will send
Their many fighters out to kill
Israelis - pretty soon we’ll
Have a war no one can end.

But Netanyahu and Barak
Declare Iran is simply bluffing
And they’ll succeed in snuffing
Out the threat with their attack.


And meanwhile in our own country
There’s lots of folks who think it’s great
Iran will shortly meet its fate –
They’re largely in the GOP.

They’re mostly men who’ve never fought
before but still they think it's right
To send our sons abroad to fight
In wars that often come to naught.

They're pressuring the President
To buttress Israel's attack
With our own forces at their back
And make our strikes coincident.

Let's pray Obama will insist
That Netanyahu and Barak
Are on their own with this attack
And will persuade them to desist.

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