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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rick Calls President a Snob

Rick Santorum took President Obama to task for expressing the hope that everyone could attend college.  Calling the President a “snob”, he said that real reason Obama wants students to attend college is to “remake [them] in his image”, through indoctrination by liberal college professors.

Santorum says. “Oh, what a snob!”
It was quite a hatchet job.
Obama’s crime? – He’d like to see
Everyone an enrollee
In college.  Rick says that would lead
To fostering the liberal creed,
Chaining students slavishly
To left-wing ideology.

Rick seems greatly out of touch
With today’s economy and much
Of what most people really need
To get ahead. Most folks concede
That education yields the keys
to better jobs and salaries. 


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