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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Church Teachings and the GOP

Juan Cole has published a list of 10 Catholic teachings that have been rejected by Rick Santorum, who is a strong supporter of the Church’s position on birth control.  The list includes Church opposition to the death penalty, the continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, the treatment of illegal immigrants as criminals, and the Bush concept of preventive war.  The Catholic Bishops favor the provision of health care for all Americans, an increase in the minimum wage, the right of workers to organize and join unions, and the provision of welfare for needy families. 

The Catholic Bishops and the GOP
Have come together in unity
To fight insured free birth control.
But other issues, on the whole,
The Bishops call for aren’t upheld.
Republicans must feel compelled
To say that issues they’ve forsaken
Are those where Bishops are mistaken.

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