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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Folks at the Daily Kos have recommended that Democrats vote in open primaries for Rick Santorum in order to keep the Republican primary circus going as long as possible.  This is a dangerous game, because if Rick Santorum actually won the nomination, there would be a real chance that he could be elected President if the nation's fortunes took a turn for the worse between now and election day (think European economic collapse, or bombing Iran).  President Santorum?? That should concentrate people's minds.  

Some Democrats want Rick to be
The GOP’s choice for nominee.
His positions in the past,
On gays, religion, women, war -
There’s right-wing craziness galore -
Will offer such a sharp contrast
To Obama’s solid, grounded view
That independents will come through
And vote the Democratic way
So that we’d win election day.

You should take care for what you wish
Because events can turn nightmarish -
Like Israel could bomb Iran
Or Europe’s euro could collapse -
For this Obama would perhaps
Be blamed and therefore, rather than
Obama’s hoped-for re-election,
The people’d vote for his rejection.

When world events cause stress and strain
Don’t you think it’d be insane
To have a man like Rick Santorum
Be our nation’s president?
I’m really much more confident
In Mitt.  And though I do deplore ‘em
Both, if I were forced to pick,
Mitt’s a lesser evil than is Rick.

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