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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GOP Leader Prays for Obama's Death?

The Republican Speaker of the House in Kansas, Mike O'Neal, sent a message to fellow Republicans which appeared to be asking them to pray for the death of President Obama.  He later apologized, saying that his message was “only intended as election commentary regarding the president's days in office”.  This followed an earlier controversy, and apology, over his having called Mrs. Obama “Mrs. YoMama”.  Why is this guy still holding public office??

I sent a little memo out
To friends within the GOP.
It was a little prayer I thought
They’d really like to see.
It’s a Psalm that’s from the Bible
And so I thought it safe.
But people can be really sensitive -
My message made them chafe.
It said about the President
“Let his days be few
And let another take his office”.
But now I'm really in a stew
Because I didn’t read the rest
Of what the psalm went on to say:
“Let his children be fatherless
And his wife a widow”.  Hey,
My prayer was ‘bout the next election -
I only asked my friends to pray
For his electoral rejection.
I never really meant to wish
That President Obama die.
My prayer’s been awfully misconstrued
And no one's sorrier than I.
So please accept my deep regret
And this apology of mine
But don’t expect me to do more -
So no, I won’t resign. 

Oh, and one more thing –
I must declare to Ms. Obama
How really, really sorry I am
For calling her “Ms. YoMama”

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