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Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama Drama

In foreign affairs, Obama is constantly pictured as weak, apologetic and pusillanimous by Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican right.  But when Obama acts otherwise, as in his blunt telephone call to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi last week, it’s never acknowledged by his detractors. 

They say that Obama is weak
That his foreign policy's meek
But he dressed Morsi down
So that he came around:
Morsi’s coursi changed quickly last week.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back from vacation Dogerelo! Hope you are well rested, having taken the dog days of August off, and you are now ready for the stretch run.

While you were gone, only the Boston Red Sox had a worse couple of weeks than Mitt. He simply has no conscience; he is solely driven to win the presidency and is willing to either fabricate falsehoods (as noted in your 9/15 post accusing the president of siding with the attackers) or being strangely mute, as noted today.

As Oscar Wilde wrote:

“[W]hat does it profit a man if he gain the whole world...and lose his own soul?”