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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mitt's End Begins

On returning from vacation, I was greeted by the spectacle of Mitt Romney committing political suicide by attacking Obama’s foreign policy, in the most personal terms, during an ongoing crisis involving the murder of the American ambassador to Libya and three embassy co-workers by Muslim extremists. Talk about tone deaf. The polls show Obama surging into strong leads nationwide and, most importantly, in the battleground states of Virginia, Florida and Ohio, which the Romney team must win to have any chance of gaining the White House.

Mitt Romney’s future’s looking grim:
He climbed way out upon a limb
And claimed Obama is so weak
He apologized to those who seek
To harm our people overseas -
His tendency is to appease.
But he misjudged the nation’s mood
And looks a little bit unglued;
A selfish point he tried to make
With tragedy and death at stake.
The leaders of the GOP
Are wondering how Mitt could be,
With such an issue to exploit,
So blundering and maladroit.
The recent polls have shown quite clearly
Mitt’s mistakes have cost him dearly
In Florida, Ohio too,
The numbers say Mitt might be through -
He can’t afford to lose these states
His mission’s now in dire straits.
What can he do to turn around
his numbers in a sharp rebound?
To keep his polls from heading south
He must be sure to shut his mouth
Or any statement he might make
Could be another bad mistake.
His hopes it seems would largely rest
On qualities that are his best -
He’ll hope that voters will embrace
His splendid hair and pretty face.

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