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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let Ryan be Ryan

Conservative leaders feel that Romney’s campaign would be enhanced if only Paul Ryan were "unleashed" and allowed to be himself. 

Let Ryan be Ryan the conservatives cry
Go rogue, Paul, cries Sarah - let the sh*t fly
Whatever he says just couldn't be worse
Than Mitt's dull recital of chapter and verse.
But Ryan unleashed could be pretty upsetting
To old folks whose Medicare plans he'd be vetting
And Medicaid, Social Security too
Paul Ryan's got plans for me and for you
Aside from throwing the right wing red meat
Paul's words would be likely to bring him defeat.
So for the ticket perhaps it'd be wise
And keep Paul Ryan immersed in disguise.

Let Romney be Romney, no one's said that yet
Maybe because they don't know what they'd get

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