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Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Rogue, Mitt

Sarah Palin’s advice to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is to “go rogue” because, in her view, America is at a “come to Jesus” moment and needs straight talk about the economy.

Go rogue Mitt, go rogue
If you want to be the Pres
Listen to what Sarah says
You've got to put aside those blinders
You shouldn't listen to your minders
Take your advice from me
Forget about the GOP.

Go rogue Mitt, go rogue
Your campaign so far's been really dumb
'Cause your real feelings you keep mum
It's a "come to Jesus" time
Silence now would be a crime
Don't hold back no more
Let people know the score.

Go rogue Mitt, go rogue.
Th'economy is really bleak
Why don't you rise up and speak?
Perhaps you're just a hollow man,
You haven't really got a plan...
Although it's not in vogue
Go rogue Mitt, go rogue.

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