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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bibi Avoidance

President Obama gave a speech at the United Nations today, in which he condemned both religious intolerance and the violence that sometimes results from that intolerance.  However, he did not set aside time to meet individually with any of the world leaders that were present for the event.  This is a departure from past practice, but may be seen as an effort to avoid any controversy on foreign affairs during his election campaign.  I think he may also have wanted to avoid giving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a platform for influencing the election in favor of Mitt Romney. 

Obama spoke at the UN.
He lobbied for peace among men.
But he wouldn't meet one-on-one
With leaders who might have begun
To raise sticky issues that might
Put Obama in a bad light.
He won't give Bibi a chance
To make news at Obama's expense
And tilt the election a bit
To favor his good friend Mitt.

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