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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Blame Falls Mainly On...

Even Jennifer Rubin, Romney’s most egregiously stalwart supporter, is finding fault with the Romney campaign, although not with Romney himself.  Nevertheless, she joins the chorus of voices from the right who are saying that something is terribly wrong and that change is needed.  

The Romney campaign is taking some heat
The right-wingers think that he’s set for defeat
It’s a food fight that happens within their own ranks
To find who to blame as their whole campaign tanks
Some say it’s the press - they’re biased you know,
Some say it’s the polls and what they don’t show
Some say it’s his manager, he’s so inept,
But there’s just one thing they find hard to accept
That it’s Romney himself that’s mostly to blame
His shape-shifting views are like a shell game
‘Though he tries to adjust, he can’t be who he’s not
The voters respect he just hasn’t got.

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