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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Results Are In!

Mitt is now feeling  his oats.
He’s one of the sheep, not the goats.
He’s the best gol’ durn cand’date,
He thinks it’s a mandate
‘Cause he won by a whopping 8 votes!

Santorum rose up from behind
The media would pay him no mind.
But it’s different right now
How’d he do it?  Here’s how:
With Jesus he’s firmly aligned.

Ron Paul came in a close third.
He’s not a part of the herd.
The party’s a bit wary,
He seems kind of scary
‘Cause his positions are often absurd.

Newt Gingrich says he’s been dissed.
And really, he is awfully pissed.
The culprit was Mitt
With that SuperPAC bit.
Watch out, Mitt, you’re first on Newt’s shit list!

Rick Perry went home to assess
Why his campaign was in such a mess
But he’s now turned around -
To Charleston he’s bound
How he’ll do there is anyone’s guess.

For Michelle, last night‘s a disgrace
She finished way back in last place.
She’ll continue to fight
For the Republican right
But for now, she’s dropped out of the race.

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