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Saturday, January 7, 2012

America the Bountiful

Mitt Romney has taken to reciting verses from America the Beautiful at his rallies.  Here are some additional verses he might consider. 

O beautiful and bounteous land
For us, the one percent -
We use our vast connections to
Our wealth and pow’r augment
America!  America!
May God our gold refine
Till our success be nobleness
And every gain devine.

O beautiful free enterprise
That’s let us do so well.
Obama’d change it all into
A socialistic hell.
America! America!
God save us from his schemes.
Grant us support that we may thwart
His plan to end our dreams.

O beautiful for SuperPACS
That lets us fill the air
With ads so full of vitriol
Our foes are in despair.
America! America!
The system works for us
The Court Supreme is on our team
It’s so harmonious!

O beautiful for Senators
Who block Obama’s bills
For filibusters and delays  
That let us work our wills.
America! America!
No tax increase we pay
The wealth we reap is ours to keep
We’re richer ev’ry day.

O beautiful for lobbyists
Who push our corporate goals
They collar certain Congressmen
And buy their sorry souls
America!  America!
Our lobbyists won't fail
To get our cause writ into laws
'Cause Congress is for sale.

O beautiful our prospects are
In this election year
Obama's very vulnerable
Unless more jobs appear
America!  America!
God grant that we may see
A heaven-sent new President
I pray it will be me!

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