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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Targeting Abortion Providers

Stephen C. Webster of The Raw Story writes:  A new bill headed for a vote by a Tennessee House committee this week ...would require the Tennessee Department of Health to publish more detailed information about abortions carried out in the state, including the names of doctors who performed them and the hospitals they work with. It would also require detailed statistics on abortions, including time, date, the woman’s medical conditions at the time, the age of the fetus, the type of procedure performed, the location of the procedure, and the woman’s age, race and marital status, along with details on how many times she has been pregnant.

It’s hard to keep up with laws passed by states
That want to keep women in desperate straights.
A Tennessee law that targets a doctor
Who offers abortions might well get her stalked or
Perhaps even shot at – but that’s the crusade,
Don’t  you see – to make doctors and patients afraid
Of the yahoos out there, so that slowly we’ll lose
The hard-won right of women to choose.

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