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Saturday, March 24, 2012

News from the War Against Women - II

Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) charged that Democrats were using “scare tactics to scare women” in order to win the women’s vote. This provoked a sarcastic response from host Chris Mathews, but for a rather more earthy response, read the delicious rant by ABL (Angry Black Lady) on Balloon Juice.  For an earlier post on this topic, look here.

The War on Women’s just a ploy
To win the votes of women.
It’s calibrated to annoy
The hearts and minds of women.
That is what Ms. Rogers said
And she should know, ‘cause she’s a woman.
It’s very clever how the Dems have led
Republicans to tell most women
That their body’s not their own,
That factors other than a woman’s
Health and comfort must be shown
Due deference.  These Democrats
Repeat the words they hear and women
Berate the GOP, and that's
The way their scheme is working – women
Allow themselves to be persuaded
That Democrats support a woman’s
Right to make a choice unaided
By men inimical to women.

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