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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The GOP's Jeremiah Wright Moment

For background, see Sonnet for Sandra below.  

Rush Limbaugh called her a slut
Although she was anything but
So how did the candidates feel
About his outrageous spiel?

Well, Rick said that it was “absurd”
It was just an “entertainer's” word.
And as for candidate Newt
He’s been uncharacteristically mute.

What about good Dr. Paul?
Not a word about Rush Limbaugh
Though he said that, really
The birth control issue was “silly”.

And how about front runner Mitt?
What was his take on this bit?
“Not language I would have used”
He seemed a little bemused.

Now Rush has got lots of clout
So folks fear to call him out
But in this instance outrage calls
Whassa matter, guys, cat got your balls?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A number of thoughts here...

If Don Imus gets fired from CBS radio for "nappy-headed hos" comments, why isn't this fat bastard immediately dismissed?

For all the conservatives who bitch about the poor having more kids that will go only go on wellfare, contraceptives might actually help. For all the Catholig dogmatics, here is a hint, it might also cut back on abortions. You see, abstinence only is NOT going to work.

Six months ago through all of their foul ups it seemed that Republicans wanted to give Obama a sporting chance at winning the election. Lateley they really seem to be giving him a chance at a land slide victory (if the economy continues to improve and Israel does not light the middle east on fire).

But perhaps Romney's Super Pac will be able to throw enough negative money at this in order to keep him in the race.

From the heart of South Carolina Tornado Alley.