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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Bombs Away" McCain

John McCain found it “bothersome” that President would “denigrate the views of other people who feel that they have a right to weigh in on this issue”, presumably by his statements about the “loose talk of war”.  He said that Iran “continue[s] to develop a nuclear weapon”, a statement for which there is no firm evidence, and that it was “not helpful” for the President to try “to persuade Israel not to attack [Iran] at least between now and November of 2012.”

If John McCain were president
He wouldn’t be real diffident
About employing military force -
To “secure the peace” of course.
He wants a no-fly zone in Syria
Although it’s hazy what criteria
He’d use to bomb the targets there.
It’s not like the Libyan affair.
And now he’s somewhat bothered that
Obama’d rather have a chat
With leaders in Iran instead
Of letting Bibi go ahead
And bomb them all to kingdom come.
And if at times you’re feeling glum
Just be grateful, don’t complain -
Be glad our president is not McCain.

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