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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mitt the Appeaser

Mitt Romney has repeatedly referred to President Obama as an “appeaser”, for “apologizing for America” and being “timid and weak”.  Mitt recently had an opportunity to show his own profile in courage by taking a forthright stand against the inflammatory, obscene words of Rush Limbaugh (of the “slut”, “prostitute” and “post your sex video” fame).  However, not wishing to make Rush or his followers in any way uncomfortable, he limited his response to saying that it was “not the language I would have used.”  How’s that for appeasement? Timidity? Weakness? 

Mitt Romney says the Prez appeases
‘Though who he thinks the appeasee is
It’s not worthwhile for him to say
I guess it doesn’t matter anyway
It’s just a line that gets applause
From those committed to his cause.

Mitt’s had his chance to show his stuff
When Rush’s language got too rough
But Mitt said Rush could be excused
“not the language I’d have used…”
These wimpy words Rush won’t displease
And that’s the meaning of “appease”

Appeaser’s a term that ‘comes much clearer
When Mitt, you look in your own mirror. 

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