The poet William Stafford set himself the task of writing a poem a day. When someone asked him what he would do when his poem-of-the-day wasn't very good, he replied "I simply lower my standards." In order to increase output, the bar here is set at a low level - the point of this is to have some fun with current events and politics. I welcome contributions and comments. Now you can also follow Doggerelo on Twitter (@doggerelo). Because of continuing medical problems, I'm no longer able to post a poem-a-day. I'll continue to post poems, but at a reduced frequency, so please stay tuned.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Candidate Clerihews

Governor Mitt Romney
Eats grits of hom'ny
If you make them with cheese
They're sure to please.

Governor Mitt Romney
In 2012 anno dom’ni
It’s likely he’ll be
The GOP’s nominee
Senator Santorum
Has a sense of decorum
That comes straight from God.
Don't you think that is odd?

Speaker Newt Gingrich
Tends to distinguish
Himself in debates
‘Though some facts he misstates.

Doctor Ron Paul
Is the strangest of all.
He's for a standard of gold
Like in days of old

President Obama
Met Dalai Lama
It is said that he pled
For some peace in his head.

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