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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Piñata

There's been an extraordinary barrage of criticism by pundits and other candidates, and negative ads sponsored by various interest groups, directed against Newt Gingrich in Iowa. Meanwhile, Republican officials in Iowa are concerned that a caucus victory by Ron Paul, who is thought not to have a chance of winning the nomination, would lead to the impression that the Iowa caucuses are irrelevant.

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Pundits, spokesmen, super Pacs
all line up to take their whacks.
Getting Gingrich is the game,
he must be stopped, they all proclaim.
If our voters vote him in,
Obama will be set to win.
We’re starting now to get success,
His lead is growing less and less.
He’ll be rejected soon by all
And then who’s next – Ron Paul?

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