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Monday, December 19, 2011

Nikki's Deal

Mitt Romney agreed to grant South Carolina a waiver to opt out of Obama's health care plan as the price for Governor Nikki Haley's much sought-after endorsement of him for President. Neither of them apparently realized that he could not possibly deliver on that promise for both legal and temporal reasons. 

Governor Haley talked with Mitt
About what it’d take for him to git
Her full support for his campaign.
She said that she’d be glad to name
Him as her choice, but only if
He’d meet demands that were quite stiff:
He had to promise that he’d favor
Granting her a presidential waiver
From Obama’s health plan if elected.
And that’s why Mitt’s the one selected.
But the joke’s on both of them it seems -
The law forbids such crazy schemes. 

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