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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Michelle Bachman’s Iowa campaign chairman Kent Sorenson suddenly announced he was switching his support to Ron Paul’s compaign.  At a Paul rally, he declared "I adore Michele Bachmann, but the fact of the matter is I believe we have an opportunity to take Romney out here in Iowa and I believe that person is Ron Paul,"

Michelle had a terrible day
‘Cause her chairman was not going to stay
“I’m deserting my post
Though I love you the most
I’m now for Ron Paul all the way.

We’ve got to take Romney out
But Michelle, you haven’t the clout,
Your weight is too light
To do the job right
And that’s what’s it’s all about."

Michelle says her chairman was bought
It was money that Sorenson sought.
He’s got lots of gall
To go work for Paul
His soul will in hell surely rot.

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