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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Donald Trump to Moderate GOP Debate

Donald Trump, the high-profile real estate mogul and former presidential candidate, will moderate a Republican presidential debate, sponsored by Newsmax, a conservative magazine, on Dec. 27. 

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The ratings will bump when a showman like Trump
    is put in charge of the questions.
But the problem will be, it’s easy to see,
    that he can’t help making suggestions.
He’s got opinions of course and he’ll talk himself hoarse.
                With one question he’s liable to score:
"At the birth of Obama, just where was his mama,
                in the US or somewhere offshore?"
To Newt Gingrich he’ll say, “I do like the way
                that you sneer at the men of the press.
They wrote you off once, and they called me a dunce,
                but they’ll stop it all now, I would guess.”
To Mitt he’ll declare, “By God, that’s nice hair,
                it’s almost as pretty as mine.”
Cain's loss is a blow, "Why did he go??
                I sure liked his plan 9-9-9.”
As for Michelle, he likes her as well - 
                they had pizza one day in New York,
But to Jon Stewart's chagrin, he committed a sin:
                he ate his pie with a fork!
To Rick Perry, the Texan, he’ll ask if the Mex’can
                migrants can really be stopped
And Rick’ll say “Sure, that’s no problem anymore,
                on Mitt’s lawn I’ll have them all dropped."
Regarding Santorum - Don thinks he's borin',
                "But at least you mean what you say.
and I've got to admit, you don't ever quit
                  though you haven't a chance in this play."
Ron Paul’s a bit strange, and out of the range
                of the normal Republican vision
Trump doesn't abhor him, "I’ll just ignore him -
                that’s been everyone else’s decision."
To Jon Huntsman he’ll say,”You’ve got a nice way
                of making your views very clear.
You’re so classy and elegant, very intelligent.
                What the hell are you doing here?”

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