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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dr. Paul Regrets

A spokesman for the Paul campaign apologized on Friday for not doing more to prevent racist and homophobic remarks from appearing in a series of newsletters published over several years under Ron Paul's name.

Ron Paul put out many old newsletters
They were published under his name.
They’re nasty and racist and anti-gay;
His campaign feels remorse and great shame.

While he says he didn’t write any of them,
And didn’t know what they contained,
His name is on each of their covers
So he needs to have them explained

They say that he’s not at all racist
That he’s really OK on the gays,
But the things that you read in those letters
Are repulsive to most folks these days.

Ron Paul says he truly is sorry
That he never was able to read
The things that his writers were writing
That were never a part of his creed.

But the letters were published for years,
And each time they featured his name.
Do you really believe that he never checked in
Just to see what it was they’d proclaim?

There’s something real strange going on here
That’s tarnished Ron Paul’s whole campaign.
His image as stalwart truth-teller
Is about to be flushed down the drain. 

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Good one!!!