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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obama Considers David Brooks' Advice

David Brooks, in his NYT op-ed column, suggests that " Obama, a natural unifier and conciliator, seems on the verge of running as a divisive populist..." and that this would be disastrous for his presidential campaign.  

Maybe David Brooks is right –
I’d  rather deal than fight,
But it’s not all black and white
Because I’ve got the same old plight:

Which one of them can make a deal?

John Boehner’s not forthright,
Mitch McConnell’s too uptight,
Eric Cantor’s not polite,
And Jim DeMint is just a fright.

More than once I’ve tried to heal
Our wounds and bring about a real
Grand Bargain to end our debt ordeal.

But  Boehner’s locked up tight
By party screamers who’ll  indict
Him as a traitor if a deal might
include a tax increase, however slight.  

So David, your thoughts have great appeal
And I hate to seem puerile
But I’ve had it with the right
And now it’s time to fight!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A modification on an old joke: the difference between a terrorist and a member of the tea party is that you can negotiate with a terrorist.

Enough is enough!