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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Romney Nouveau

The day after the big debate last week, President Obama referred to “this spirited fellow claiming to be Mitt Romney”, who had turned his back on many of his most conservative positions.  As David Gergen on CNN acknowledged, Romney was “sort of flat out lying” in many of his statements. 

A new Mitt Romney has appeared
He used to be a bore.
This new guy’s full of energy.
Just where was he before?
As one-time governor of Mass
He trod a moderate path
But he could not go on that way
He’d face right-winger’s wrath
And so he swung far to the right
To gain his party’s nod
And all his previous declarations
Seemed now to be quite odd
His conservatism was severe
It didn’t show a crack
But in Wednesday night’s debate last week
Th’old moderate was back:
Obamacare was not all bad
Some parts he could condone
And if his tax cuts were too big
Well, they weren’t set in stone.
And education he’d not cut,
At least that’s not his plan.
Where did this new guy come from?
He’s like a different man.
But one thing’s more or less the same,
One trait that still applies:
The grin that’s set upon his face
While telling whopping lies.
There’s nothing new in all of this
Mitt Romnies come and go
It’s just the same old smoke and mirrors in
This latest Mitt nouveau

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