The poet William Stafford set himself the task of writing a poem a day. When someone asked him what he would do when his poem-of-the-day wasn't very good, he replied "I simply lower my standards." In order to increase output, the bar here is set at a low level - the point of this is to have some fun with current events and politics. I welcome contributions and comments. Now you can also follow Doggerelo on Twitter (@doggerelo). Because of continuing medical problems, I'm no longer able to post a poem-a-day. I'll continue to post poems, but at a reduced frequency, so please stay tuned.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three on Mitt

Mitt Romney says this about Jeep:
US jobs the Chinese will soon reap.
Although it’s a lie it
Might scare some to buy it.
As campaigner, Mitt Romney’s a creep.

Mitt Romney possesses no shame
His campaign’s been a sketchy shell game
He’d say anything
If a vote it would bring
He gives poli-tics a bad name.

I hope after Tuesday we’ll see
No more of Mitt’s face on TV
I hope he’ll live on
In oblivion
And of Mittens we’ll finally be free.

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